Michael and Stephen are young brothers who grow up with almost no female influence in their lives. When their mother leaves the family when they’re very small children, their father emotionally abuses them to the point where they believe that women do not truly exist. One of the brothers descends into himself looking for answers about what happened to his mother, where he experiences, through a distorted mirror of his past, everything his father has dumped into him over the course of his short life. When he emerges from this inner journey, he is forced to confront a secret that’s been buried deep inside for over 30 years.

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“With its utterly imaginative freedom and instinct for narrative transformation, this unsettling and consistently surprising novel reads like a happy combination of Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link. Savory deserves to make a great impression on both our highly mutable genre and the reading public.”
—Peter Straub

“A vision of psychological disquiet that leads us into depths of nightmare terror and ultimate revelation. An uncanny and disturbing work by a stylish and intelligent writer. File under Original and Startling.”
—Ramsey Campbell

In and Down is a novel of many antecedents but no precedents. The reader’s thoughts turn to Thomas Tryon’s The Other, Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, and Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, even as the reader’s feelings are hurtled into dark and delectable places they have never been before.”
—James Morrow, author of The Godhead Trilogy

“A beautifully crafted, sophisticated first novel by an ascendant new writer with near-eldritch ability to see the truly gothic in the lives of children and families. Brett Savory’s In and Down is one of the most stunning and original Canadian literary debuts of the year.”
—Michael Rowe, author of Enter, Night and Wild Fell

“Brett Savory’s taut first novel puts every boy’s horror of clowns, dead dogs, and missing mothers into the deep end. You need to read it and see what floats to the top.”
—Hal Niedzviecki