Great review of A PERFECT MACHINE at B&N!

I know the book’s been out for two years now, but this still got me excited!

“Taking numerous visual cues from Japanese cyberpunk films (particularly the Tetsuo trilogy), this breakneck thriller depicts the lives of the “runners,” a cult of seemingly immortal people chased through Toronto by their gun-toting “hunter” handlers in the hopes of getting shot up enough for their bodies to reach vaunted “100 percent metal content.” But as one of the runners gets close to his goal, his body begins to change in unexpected ways, triggering a different sort of chase through the city—a race to stop his terrifying transformation before it reaches its final phase. Savory’s slick prose is relentless, and the weird body horror and the plot’s weirder mysteries only help to strengthen the book’s surreal effect. While the unsettling transformations and unusual worldbuilding might not be for everyone, A Perfect Machine is entirely fearless in its commitment to going way too far, and that’s what makes it stand out.”
—Sam Reader, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog